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Japan Just Unveiled The World’s First Karaoke Ferris Wheel

Japan Just Unveiled The World’s First Karaoke Ferris Wheel


Did your last ferris wheel experience not stack up? Sure, the views were stunning and the company was OK, but perhaps you can’t shake the feeling there was something missing. “Something” being karaoke.

If so, you’re in luck – Japan has just debuted the world’s first karaoke Ferris wheel, allowing riders to sing along 60m above ground.

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Japanese musician Daisuke Inoue invented the karaoke machine in 1971. Since then, Japan and the world have become collectively obsessed with belting out their favourite bangers (well or poorly, depending on their level of skill).

The Big-O Ferris Wheel has called Tokyo Dome City home for just over a decade and was, in 2006, named the world’s largest centre-less ferris wheel, boasting uninterrupted views of Tokyo city.

Now, the park has teamed up with Tokyo-based karaoke company Joysound to kit out eight of The Big-O’s 40 carriages with karaoke gear.

Each carriage holds four people, and each machine is programmed with 50 tunes to choose from. Rides last for 15 minutes, giving guests plenty of time to get through a few tracks or a cheeky duet.

Carriages with a karaoke machine come at no extra cost, with rides costing $9 (¥830) per person.

(Lead image: Kane Reinholdsten)

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