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Science Says This Is The Length Of The Perfect Vacation

Science Says This Is The Length Of The Perfect Vacation

Determining the length of the perfect holiday might seem like an easy task — forever, right? — but science says otherwise.

As part of a study conducted at the University of Tampere, Finland, researchers analysed the trips of 54 people and found that, while lengthier stays didn’t necessarily result in a better vacation, overall happiness peaked on the eighth day of their holidays.


The researchers suggested that it’s around that point that we get over jet lag, adjust to a new time zone and feel comfortable in a new surrounds.

Other research conducted by Utrip, a service that uses artificial intelligence and psychology to tailor trips for customers, found that most people described their “perfect trip” as a seven-to-10-day stint.

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“We have seen in data collected by Utrip that most trips longer than seven-to-10 days are very frequently about discovery and exploration, not relaxation,” says Utrip’s CEO and founder, Gilad Berenstein.

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It adds up, though: if you’ve planned a shorter holiday for the sole purpose of unwinding and relaxing, with few activities planned for that time, you should have enough time to reach your relaxation goals. However, if you attempt to fit in a bunch of activities into the same amount of time, you might come home more exhausted than when you left.


The most important thing to remember is that a holiday is only going to be great if you’re spending it how you like. Regardless of the length of your trip, as long as you’re having fun away from the daily grind, you’re bound to come home happier.

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