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It Only Costs $50 A Night To Stay At These Beautiful Cabins

It Only Costs $50 A Night To Stay At These Beautiful Cabins

If you’re a passionate hiker, but also like to retreat to a lap of luxury, these cabins in the hills of Norway are a dream come true.

Clad with stylish fittings, toilets, beds, a shower positioned directly above the local mountain stream, and some of the best views in the world, this village of beautifully designed cabins are a trekker’s dream. Oh and did we mention the sauna?

All this, and it’ll only cost you around $50 a night… just need to get there first.

Located in Soddatjørn mountain lake in Norway, the buildings were designed as a response to a competition commissioned by The Stavanger Trekking Association calling for some accommodation that could weather the rough terrain of the hard to reach area.


As a result of the environment and harsh weather conditions, the engineering of these stunning little cabins is nothing to sneeze at. Fitted out with rolled zinc, a material which resists wind and snow and doesn’t need to be replaced for decades, you can be sure intense winds wont huff and puff your dreamy accommodation away.


The entire village can sleep 35 at a time, with each individual lodge sleeping five. There’s also a communal space located in the main cabin which is designed to encourage different parties to interact as a means of creating a sense of community. Naw.


The sense of community doesn’t end there either, with everyone being asked to replenish the food supply, restock the firewood, and tidy up before they leave.

While there’s no electricity due to the remoteness of the location, there is a wood-fired stove and solar panels for heating and lighting.

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We’re sold. Check out this video of the cabins and surrounds.

(All photos: Tõnu Tunnel)

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