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It Just Got Way Easier To Take A Road Trip In Japan

It Just Got Way Easier To Take A Road Trip In Japan

Road tripping is one of the best forms of travel, but Japan probably isn’t top of your list of places to explore by car. But tourists will be granted unlimited travel across major expressway networks across the country when passes go on sale this month.

At 275 rental car shops across Japan, visitors to the country can pick up the pass that allows them to travel almost anywhere in Japan by car. The pass is exclusively available to foreign visitors, as well as Japanese people who live permanently outside the country, in a bid to increase tourism.

According to Japan Times, the Japanese Tourism Agency estimated the number of foreign visitors to Japan totalled almost 19 million in the first eight months in 2017 – a record for the period. And this new scheme is set to continue to push the country’s already thriving tourism.

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To accommodate the increase in foreign tourists driving on Japanese roads, operators are working on ways to bolster the information and language services, including expanding free Wi-Fi areas.

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Passes valid for seven days will be available for $230 (¥20,000) and two weeks for $390 (¥34,000) at one of 275 car rental shops. There, travellers will be kitted up with an electronic toll collection device, too.

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