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Is This The Most Incredible Place To Get A Spa Treatment Ever?

Is This The Most Incredible Place To Get A Spa Treatment Ever?

You know how they say there’s no such thing as the lost city of Atlantis? That mythical and peaceful utopia that disappeared from existence but remains a mainstay in popular culture and historical critique? Yeah, we think we found it – and they’ve put a spa there too.


The Grotto Bay Beach Resort is located on the beautiful island of Bermuda in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean. See that cave there? That’s Grotto Bay’s spa centre, a peaceful and remarkably lovely way to spend a day or two.

Bermuda cops a lot of flack for its association with the Bermuda Triangle, the mystical/paranormal phenomenon of ships and boats mysteriously disappearing in the Atlantic ocean. But there’s really nothing mystical about the island of Bermuda – unless you call being stunningly beautiful a magic trick.


The Grotto Bay Beach resort sits on a lush beach-side estate which encompasses acres of forest and some dramatic looking caves. Rooms overlook the turquoise blue coral reef that surrounds the bay, with easy access to snorkelling, restaurants and the iconic Natura spa.

Spa treatments cover everything from massage to body treatments to mani/pedis. Probably the hardest choice will be what to indulge in – the massage menu includes four handed massages, deep tissue massages, Swedish massages, hot stone massages and Natura’s signature massage.


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These caves are no joke, by the way. As well as housing the spa centre, you can also go for a cheeky dip and pretend you’re some mystical mermaid exploring the great abyss beneath the resort.

Prices start at $219USD ($312AUD) per night, with spa treatments starting from $70USD ($99AUD).

(All images: Grotto Bay Beach Resort)

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