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You Can Pretend You’re Bougie And Buy A Set Of Qantas First Class PJs To Wear At Home

You Can Pretend You’re Bougie And Buy A Set Of Qantas First Class PJs To Wear At Home

All you bougie bitches will know that there’s a certain bragability about casually whipping out your First Class pyjamas from your last Qantas flight to somewhere lush.

For the rest of us who are yet to make it into the First Class cabin, now is our chance.

Just in time for Father’s Day, Qantas are selling off $25 (or 4,350 Qantas points) gift packs so you can get the First Class treatment in the comfort of your own home.

Image: Qantas

Available in blue (which is actually quite pretty) or charcoal, each pack includes:

  • the Qantas Business Class sleeper suit in Size L or XL.
  • a 12-pack of individually wrapped Timmy Tams.
  • 10 teabags of T2 Lemongrass and Ginger tea.
  • a 200gram bag of smoked almonds (apparently these are also usually saved for First Class).
  • a Qantas Curates Amenity Kit with all those cute single-serving treat-yo’self  travel essentials. Think Sweet Orange and Shea Hand Cream, Ultra Hydrating Face Moisturiser and Sweet Orange Lip Balm all by ASPAR. Then add and eye mask, travel toothbrush and toothpaste, travel socks and a set of ear plugs.

We may not be able to fly anywhere outside the country (except for this ridiculously cool day-long scenic flight over Antarctica), and we may not be on the Japan’s level of creating an entire virtual reality flight for punters who are really missing that unique pleasure, but my GOLLY we can still have our trinkets!

You can get your hands on these Qantas packs right here, and you can even get them sent to your loved ones anonymously. I’m sure we all know someone who could really do with a surprise pick-me-up right about now.

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Of course, no-one has to KNOW the PJs weren’t from that time you flew somewhere exotic with the fancy people up in First Class. I won’t tell.

(Lead Image: Qantas)

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