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This Inflight Skincare Routine Will Keep Your Skin Fresh On The Plane

This Inflight Skincare Routine Will Keep Your Skin Fresh On The Plane

Let’s be real. Travel is great, but flying can mess you up. Not only do long-haul flights leave you with a confused body clock and blue bags under your eyes, but more often than not you’ve also grown a pimple overnight and suddenly acquired dandruff (hopefully your own and not your neighbours).

You see, life at cruising altitude might be good for movie bingeing but it can wreak havoc on your skin. And that’s where a first-class inflight beauty regime comes in handy. Literally – everything you need for a mile-high makeover should fit in your hand luggage. 


In good news for skincare savants, maintaining appearances isn’t even hard. In fact, just a few tweaks to your normal flying routine can make all the difference between glowing and Gollum. 

Stay hydrated

This is the big one. The number one beauty routine rule. Your skin will rebel like a parched, angsty teenager if you endure 24 hours of cabin pressure and constant air conditioning without staying hydrated. Keep on top of your fluids (sadly that doesn’t include wine) and always say yes to water at meal times. If you’re not getting up to pee during the flight, then you’re doing it wrong. 

BYO sheet mask 

Yes, you might look terrifying but your face will thank you for it. Tuck an antioxidant rich sheet mask (aloe vera, collagen and green tea are all plumping and soothing) into your carry-on and pull it out when the cabin lights dim. Timing is everything for this one – you want to apply it early but never before main meal otherwise your inflight beef bourguignon (or chicken rendang or vegetarian penne) will be difficult to chow down. 

Go easy on the alcohol 

I know it can be hard saying “thanks but no thanks” to what seems like free wine but the more you drink, the drier your skin will become. And it will definitely affect your sleep too. So while a savvy b from NZ may be tempting at 3am, remember the mantra “everything in moderation” and you’ll feel fresher on arrival. 

Moisturise, moisturise, moisturise 

BYO a bottle of your favourite night moisturiser (we’re talking heavy duty before bed cream, not your light day-to-day stuff) and apply it after your sheet mask. This layer of cream will lock in the good moisture and block out all the stuffy, drying air conditioning.

Get oily 

Good quality essential oils can be a great addition to your carry-on and your travel life in general. Tea tree oil is perfect for any unwanted spots that pop up overnight as it’s anti-viral and anti-bacterial; lavender oil on your wrists and temples will promote sleep; rosehip and almond oil work well as replacement moisturisers; and peppermint oil is energising and can alleviate any inflight headaches. 


Bring a spare set 

Bring a change of clothes (whether that’s pyjamas to sleep in or an arrival outfit) because it’s never nice sitting in your own sweat. It’s such an easy way of feeling cleaner and staying fresh. Pair this spare set with a toothbrush and change of underwear and you’ll be feeling a million bucks.  

Go to sleep 

This is easier said than done sometimes but a decent night’s sleep will work wonders for your complexion. Think about investing in a comfortable eye mask and a pair of ear plugs if ambient noise and light are sleepy time distractions. Downloading a some kind of guided meditation to your phone (think yoga nidra) can also be a good way to settle yourself down for the night. 

To complete your keeping-fresh-inflight plan, check out our 12 hacks, too.

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