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Iceland Has Released Excellent Instructional Tourism Videos

Iceland Has Released Excellent Instructional Tourism Videos

Iceland, the majestic country that’s slowly making its way up your bucket-list, seems like a pretty amazing place. They’ve got hot tubs made by volcanos, great music festivals and it was used as a filming location for the latest Star Wars movie – basically, Iceland straight-up rules.

The Icelandic people know this too – that’s why they’ve created an ingenious campaign to get people over to their picturesque land to experience it all for themselves. Iceland’s official tourism board have decided, in an effort to teach foreigners all about Icelandic life, to enrol budding visitors in Iceland Academy.

This adorable series of videos gives you a how-to guide on fitting in like a local in Iceland – from proper hot tub etiquette, tips on staying safe while exploring their glaciers, packing correctly for Iceland’s unique weather and even a guide to their winter sports (of which there are plenty).

They’ve set up a bunch of Wes Anderson inspired videos to keep you out of trouble when visiting their photogenic lands. Our favourite, by far, is their cheeky ‘How To Avoid Hot Tub Awkwardness’, which will help you stop in at the glorious Blue Lagoon.

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You can check out more of their videos, including one on responsible travelling in Iceland, here.

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