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The Strangest Collaboration Of 2020 Is A Spiced Bundy Rum And Iced Coffee Combo

The Strangest Collaboration Of 2020 Is A Spiced Bundy Rum And Iced Coffee Combo

It’s the year for weird milk flavour collaborations apparently, let us never forget the Allen’s Lollies flavoured Oak milk (and the Oak milk-flavoured Allen’s Lollies) from a few months ago. What I never expected though, was famously-bogan Aussie rum label, Bundaberg Rum, joining forces with Ice Break iced coffee. Yet, they have.

Image: Facebook / @icebreak

Apparently not for the first time either

This limited edition Bundaberg Rum Spiced Ice Break was actually released last year, but only to Queensland. As it turns out, they frothed it so this time around we all get a taste.

The taste is apparently exactly what you think it is, and something like I imagine an iced Irish Coffee to taste like: spiced rum and coffee. It’s a shock, I know.

But… is it alcoholic?

I know, this was my first question too. The answer is yes, but only a teensy bit. Each 500ml bottle only has 0.3 percent alcohol, which explains why you’ll be able to find it in the grocery store. So yeah it’s a no-go for L and P platers who are about to drive, I guess — but everyone else will likely get a belly ache before they get drunk.

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Where can you get it?

Once again it’s just a limited edition release, but it’s already been on shelves in Woolworths, Coles and independent grocers and convenience stores around the country. Queenslanders can also find them in Aldi, because Aldi is the best.

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