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7 Eco-Friendly Aussie Resorts That Don’t Sacrifice Luxury To Be Good For The Planet

7 Eco-Friendly Aussie Resorts That Don’t Sacrifice Luxury To Be Good For The Planet

Travel has been somewhat reset by the shomozzle that is 2020, so it’s an interesting time to consider the choices we make in relation to how it affects the health of the planet as well.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of a quaint little camping trip, but it’s very wrong to think you have to give up the luxe in order to make an eco-friendly choice. In fact, some of Australia’s best eco-conscious accomodations are out-of-this-world beautiful.

Don’t believe me? Strap in, I’ve got a list of seven to change your mind.

#1 Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley, NSW


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About three hours’ drive from Sydney is the beautiful Wolgan Valley.It’s well worth a day trip, but Emirates One&Only Wolgan Valley makes it extremely worth the stay.

Swim in your private pool looking out at the stunning landscape, while taking comfort in the knowledge it’s a global leader in sustainable tourism, from being the first carbon-neutral hotel in the world to locally sourcing the food at it’s on-site restaurant.

#2 Arkaba, SA


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With only five guest rooms, it really feels like you’ve got this little patch of the Flinders Ranges to yourself. The conservation efforts of Arkaba has helped over five million native animals.

You can either luxuriate in your room, or join in those efforts with activities like tracking and identifying species, learning how to use habitat, geology and animal behavioural cues.

#3 Elysian Retreat, QLD


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Up to 20 guests at a time can enjoy this resort, so your patch of The Whitsundays will always be peaceful. The retreat uses 100% solar power as well as many other eco-concious choices to keep their impact to a minimum.

The on site restaurant has a locally sourced menu, and the spa offers personalised organic treatments so you get all the luxe without the carbon footprint.

#4 El Questro Homestead, WA


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This huge 700,000 acre piece of land in the East Kimberly covers any accommodation need you may have, from camping up to their luxurious homestead.

They restrict numbers into the area to help maintain the pristine condition of the land, as well offering ecologically sustainable tours.

They’ll be closed until next year, but will re-open the Station, Campgrounds and Homestead on April 1, with Emma Gorge following on May 1.

#5 Longitude 131, NT


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Yep, this is that hectic resort in full view of Uluru you’ve seen all the pictures of. The 16 luxury safari-style pavilions have private views of the big rock, and you can dine under the stars at their famous restaurant.

They also work closely with the local Indigenous community, as well as having implemented a strong sustainability policy including using renewable energy sources and eliminating single-use plastics.

#6 Saffire Freycinet, TAS


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Whether you’re a foodie, a nature lover, or just someone with an environmental conscious who just really enjoys luxury, this resort is your jam. They have heaps of activities you can join in on: from collecting your own oysters to observing Tasmanian Devils.

The place was built under a sustainability framework, the core of which are the principles of “the protection of healthy sites” and the “healing of damaged sites”, according to their website.

#7 Baroka Downs, VIC


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The Grampians on their own are unforgettable, so just imagine staying overnight in some very luxe accommodation. This award-winning nature-based luxury resort is ecotourism-accredited and a member of Land for Wildlife, which promotes the establishment of habitats for wildlife.

With only five residences on site, each spread out from the other and only housing two people, you and your lover don’t have to see another soul unless you want.

(Lead Image: Tourism Australia / Baillies Longitude 131)

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