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Melbourne’s Scoring A Month-Long Hot Chocolate Festival, So Brb Moving To Melbourne

Melbourne’s Scoring A Month-Long Hot Chocolate Festival, So Brb Moving To Melbourne

Hot Chocolate Festival: Melbourne's Month-Long Feast Is Back In August

Australia must be pivoting to Christmas in winter, because Melbourne is scoring a month-long Hot Chocolate Festival that will save us from the last days of the cold season.

The Hot Chocolate Festival is kicking off on August 1, and pouring a bunch of specialty hot chocolate all month long. Specifically, 31 flavours in 31 days.


The festival will be based out of the famous Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie, who’ll have a changing menu of eight limited edition hot chocolates each week. The full line-up hasn’t been announced yet, but you can expect fan favourites like the triple chocolate brownie and Nutella, Mocha Margarita hot chocolate and the Green Goddess with kale and coconut.


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Every hot chocolate will come with an extra shot of hot couverture chocolate (trust us, this is the good stuff) and a giant marshmallow. There’ll also be Oreo-coated churros, giant macarons and cripsy French crêpes for extra indulgence.

Book into a Hot Chocolate tasting session to sample drinks and make your own chocolate spoon – literally a stick of chocolate that you can take home and mix into warm milk to create your own hot chocolate. You’ll get to choose from more than 50 flavours of chocolate when you’re making your spoon, so go wild!

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Over the course of the festival, you’ll have the chance to vote for your favourite flavour. We cannot stress enough how much you should definitely do this, because you could win your body weight in Great Ocean Road Chocolateria’s one kilo chocolate bars.

Which is a good deal because, not gonna lie, you’ll probably pack on a couple of kilos during the festival.

If your boss won’t let you skip town for a month to live it up in Melbourne, first of all, rude! Second, you can still live it up during the last month of the cold season with Sydney‘s best winter activities.

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(Lead image: Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie / Instagram)

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