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The Five Best Markets That Prove Hobart Is Where It’s At

The Five Best Markets That Prove Hobart Is Where It’s At

Hobart Markets Street Eats at Frankos

Markets are to Hobart what coffee is to Melbourne. As in, something they do so well, we give them permission to be snobby about it. At this point, the Tasmanian capital has well and truly proven itself to be Australia’s preeminent foodie destination, and the local stalls of fruit and veg are where they truly shine. Not only that, the vintage, handmade and locally sourced items available at Hobart markets are the kind you’d be gagging to find in any secondhand store in the major cities.


Mix those premium goods for sale with Hobart’s true sense of community cheer and beautiful backdrop, and you’ve got yourself a recipe for a darn good day.

Here are the markets we’re begging you to check out next time you’re in Tasmania’s sweet city.

#1 Salamanca Market


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Let’s start with the first to make their mark (sorry) on the state.

Salamanca Market is the city’s first, biggest and arguably most famous of Hobart markets. Each weekend, thousands of punters stroll their way through the 300 stalls, searching for vintage goods, Tasmanian timbers, leather goods, cheeses, beverages and second-hand books to the tune of buskers.

Salamanca Market is the perfect place for unique knick-knacks and thoughtful souvenirs, as well a bunch of good food (naturally). Best to get Salamanca ticked off early in the morning before the crowds arrive.

Where: Salamanca Market, Salamanca Place, next to Hobart waterfront
When: Every Saturday, 8.30am to 3pm

#2 Hobart Twilight Market


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Alright, picture this. You’ve got some sort of hot-shot gourmet food creation in one hand, a wine in the other, and you’re staring out over the Derwent River as the sun gently sets. Mmm, mmm, mm!

That pretty much paints a picture of what the Twilight Market is like – a collection of artisan food, wine and cheese stalls that starts in the balmy afternoon and stretches into night. Don’t mind if we do!

Dogs are also welcome at the Twilight Market, which is always a plus.

Where: Twilight Market, Long Beach, 17 Beach Road, Lower Sandy Bay
When: First and third Friday of the month, October to March, 4.30pm to 9pm

#3 Street Eats at Franko


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For a Friday night hang you’ll love bragging to your friends about, see Street Eats at Franko. It’s the best foodie iteration of Hobart markets.

Not only do you get to sample the crème de la crème of Hobart’s food, you do it to the tune of the city’s best musicians and bands.

Grab a meat monstrosity from Diemen Grill (“American grill, Tassie style”) or a vegan gua bao from Deep End Farm to make sure you’re doing it truly local, and groove to some music. The perfect way to Hobart.

Where: Street Eats at Franko, Franklin Square, 70 Macquarie Street, Hobart
When: Every Friday, 4.30pm to 9pm

#4 Farmgate Market


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At the ringing of a farm bell every Sunday morning, Farmgate market comes alive with rows and rows of seasonal produce, fresh bread, veggie burgers and bouquets of flowers. It’s the more traditional farmer-style market among Hobart markets.

It can get pretty packed along Bathurst street, with tourists and locals alike elbowing their way from fruit stall to veggie stall and back again, stocking up for a few meals at home or one decadent picnic.


Word is that Lady Hester’s sourdough doughnut is where it’s at. If we haven’t already make it clear, we will: make sure you go with an appetite.

Where: 104 Bathurst Street
When: Every Sunday, 8.30am

#5 Hobart Showground Market


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While a bit further out of town than the other Hobart markets, the showground is a thrift lover’s dream, with all kinds of secondhand goods on sale. Rummage through clothes, bric-a-brac, CDs, jewellery, books – you get the picture!

The old saying of “one person’s trash is another’s treasure” truly applies here. You can find plants, produce and all the other typical market fare at the showground too.


Can you smell that fresh bread beckoning? Time to shake out your Woolies tote and get strolling.

Where: Hobart Showground, 2 Howard Rd, Glenorchy
When: Every Sunday, 8am

If you’ve never been, check out our first-timer’s guide to Hobart.

(Lead image: Lady Hester)

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