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Here’s That Travel Blanket You’ve Been Waiting Your Whole Life For

Here’s That Travel Blanket You’ve Been Waiting Your Whole Life For

This new travel blanket is going to revolutionise the way we rest while travelling.

The Loungaroo was created to emphasise the journey, not the destination. Taking its cues from some native Aussie animals, the blanket has so many uses, it’s destined to be an essential item for any frequent traveller.

So what makes it different? Let’s start with how you pop it on. It has a poncho-style top which ensures the blanket won’t fall off regardless of how you sleep. It also features a kangaroo-style pouch to keep all of your essential items near to you at all times, and there’s a headphone cable hole so you can keep watching your movie or listening to your music as you drift off.

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It’s also got a cosy foot pouch which is designed like the bottom of a sleeping bag so you can relax and take your shoes off while keeping your feet toasty.


After you’re finished snoozing you can pack it up, stuff it away, and use it as a pillow.


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The fabric is the real MVP, though. The premium brushed knit fleece on the inside is soft and super cosy, with an anti-microbial finish to help you stay clean.

The Loungaroo is still looking for pledges to it’s Kickstarter campaign which you can view here. Go on, get your lounge on.

(All images: Loungaroo)

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