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It Wasn’t Just You, Everyone’s Been Searching These Same 10 Travel Questions

It Wasn’t Just You, Everyone’s Been Searching These Same 10 Travel Questions

It’s been a weird year for travel, if I may use this incredible understatement for about the billionth time since Covid became a thing. So it understandable we have a few weird questions to ask around what is and isn’t allowed, travel-wise.

Some questions are being asked more frequently than others, however.

Club Med used Google search data discover the top 10 travel questions people are searching for right now, and I’ve decided to share them because we all love know that our “stupid” questions are not actually all that stupid.

It’s ok, we’re all mad here.

  1. Is travelling a hobby? — 3600 searches

  2. Why is travelling important? — 2400 searches

  3. Is travel insurance worth it? — 1300 searches

  4. Is travelling safe right now? — 720 searches

  5. How do travel bloggers make money? — 590 searches

  6. Why is travelling good for you? — 480 searches

  7. Which travel credit card is the best? — 390 searches

  8. Can travelling affect your period? — 320 searches

  9. Will travel resume in 2021? — 260 searches

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  10. Do travel agents still exist? — 140 searches

Look, number one confuses the heck out of me because… who cares? I don’t totally understand why so many people so desperately needed to know the answer that they googled it.

To number three I’d like to say: I know it doesn’t seem worth it, until you break your leg in a foreign country and you’re confused as hell.

Can honestly say, even as a person wth a uterus (mainly because I’m the most ignorant person about uteruses with a uterus that I know), that I’ve never considered number eight, but I’m probably going to go Google it right after I finish writing this because now I simply must know.

The last two questions are actually just a little depressing for all my fellow travel addicts out there. Luckily we can travel around Australia as much as we want right now, so all adventure isn’t lost.

(Lead image: Unsplash /Annie Spratt)

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