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Ever Wondered What A Safari In South Africa Actually Looks Like?

Ever Wondered What A Safari In South Africa Actually Looks Like?

Some trips have the power to elicit wonder and excitement just by thinking of them; places that are so extraneous to your everyday surroundings that the very idea of seeing them in person can send shivers down your spine.  South Africa – and more specifically, a safari in South Africa – is one such trip.

From the local culture to the incredible animals, a safari in South Africa can only be described as a transcendental adventure. Below, photographer and videographer VINCENT ROMMELAERE shares some of his favourite moments from his time in the Pilanesberg National Park and Game Reserve.


This was on our first morning after a long but comfortable Qantas flight from Sydney. We woke up at the Shepherd’s Tree Game Lodge and this young elephant was the first thing we saw outside. It was surreal. My travel buddy was super excited and emotional to see the animal in its natural environment. It was quite the scene to wake up to.


This giraffe stopped in for a drink near our accommodation. I remembered this stance from the movie Madagascar, and I was pretty pleased to discover it’s how they actually drink in real life. The giraffes are very vulnerable in this position, and it was looking around for a while before going for it. At first, everyone in our room was silently observing, just smiling at the beauty of the moment. Then the spell was broken, and the cameras started clicking.


Zebras are amazing creatures. Interesting fact: due to their fragile spines, humans can’t ride on them, unlike their closest relatives horses and donkeys.


This elephant came all the way to the little pond in front of the lodge. We’ve all seen elephants at the circus or the zoo but seeing them in their natural habitat where they belong is something else entirely – something beautiful.


The lodge runs two safaris daily – one a sunrise and one at sunset – included in the price of the stay. You’ll always see something different and new, so my advice is to do as many game drives as you can.


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Rhinos are in serious danger of extinction, but there’s a large number of them at Pilanesberg Reserve and they’re leading the way in conservation of these incredible animals.


The rhinos were crowd favourites; everyone seemed to get the most excited to spot them.


Nights are quiet on the reserve. The lodge is situated inside the park, far from the highway. The lights from the cities are far away and the night sky is spectacular and clear.

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