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Here Are The 15 Cheapest Destinations In Europe This Summer

Here Are The 15 Cheapest Destinations In Europe This Summer


It’s coming up to that time of the year again. It’s uni break, winter is here and the European summer is in full heat – just check Instagram. It’s at this time that the stars align perfectly for an escape into the loving, warm arms of our friends in Europe.

However, the cost of visiting Europe at this time of year is less than favourable. While we want to visit classic destinations like Rome, Paris, Barcelona and London, our often-meagre wallets have trouble lifting the weight of the peak prices that come along with them.

Thankfully, British travel money company Post Office conducted an independent study into the cheapest places to visit in Europe. If you’re having trouble getting your food and accommodation to meet your budget, maybe consider these very cool, and very cheap, destinations instead.

#15 Madrid, Spain

Image: Massimo Frasson / Flickr

It may not have the Gaudi architecture or famous club culture of Barcelona, but Madrid is a vibrant, cultural city all of its own. This here is a city full of Medieval buildings, a thriving art scene and one of the best places in the country to find delicious, affordable food.

#14 Dubrovnik, Croatia

Image: Les Haines / Flickr

Sitting on the edge of the Adriatic Sea, Croatia will fulfil those Santorini dreams of perfect architecture mixed with endless ocean views.

#13 Moscow, Russia

Image: Ana Paula Hirama / Flickr

Being able to set your eyeballs on the amazing Saint Basil’s Cathedral in the famed Red Square IRL is enough of a reason to visit. Stay for the parks, picnics and the impressive history.

#12 Lille, France

Image: Wikipedia Creative Commons

Lonely Planet calls the idyllic French town of Lille the nation’s most underrated city. Not only is it one of the cheapest French cities to visit, it can offer the most authentic cultural experience too.

#11 Palma, Majorca

Image: Cristian Bortes / Flickr

Situated on the Spanish island of Majorca (or Mallorca), Palma is a glistening, golden paradise. A lovely infusion of history, architecture and beach hangs.

#10 Athens, Greece

Image: Piet Theisohn / Flickr

The ancient capital of the world. A visit to Athens‘ iconic, heritage-listed structures is a bucket list item. The fact that it won’t cost you very much is just a bonus.

#9 Strasbourg, France

Image: angMangW / Flickr CC

So much old world charm and French sophistication meets a pumping student nightlife. Strasbourg is good for a longer, more relaxing stay, with strolls during the day and beers at the pub by night.

#8 Krakow, Poland

Image: Dennis Jarvis / Flickr

Krakow is one of Poland‘s most stunningly quaint cities. So much so, that a visit there almost makes you wonder why there aren’t more tourists. But take advantage of it while you can, because people are starting to cotton on.

#7 Lisbon, Portugal

lisbon portugal
Image: Pedro Ribeiro Simons / Flickr

We’ve told you before about how Lisbon, a “confetti cannon of a city” is one of Europe’s best. The onslaught of pastel colours, night markets and winding streets will welcome you like an old friend.

#6 Prague, Czech Republic

Image: Roman Boed/Flickr

Prague is home to terracotta rooftops, a grand old castle and the best darn goulash you can get your hands on. Stroll the time away along a river so pretty, it rivals the Seine. It’s free!

#5 Warsaw, Poland

Image: Arian Zwegers / Flickr

Usually overlooked by Krakow, the Polish capital still has a hell of a lot to offer. As the largest city in the country, it seems to spread and stretch out much more than the other cities. But Warsaw has seen a lot of things, and it’s more than happy to tell you about them.

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#4 Riga, Latvia

Image: Bryan Ledgard / Flickr

Think dramatic, Gothic-inspired architecture and small cobblestoned laneways. Old in architecture but extremely modern when it comes to restaurants, bars and things to do. It’s also Europe’s Wi-Fi capital so, need we say more?

#3 Vilnius, Lithuania

Image: Pablo / Flickr

Another Baltic beauty, Vilnius boasts the largest baroque town in all of Europe. The stunning city is a blend of old and new, with possibly the cheapest and most delicious pint of craft beer you’ll buy on your trip.

#2 Budapest, Hungary

Image: Jorge Franganillo / Flickr

Ruin bars and spa parties ensure you can’t leave Budapest without having a very good time. In fact, we think it’s the best place in Europe to have a great time and not break the bank. Make sure you read our guide on what to do before you get there.

#1 Paphos, Cyprus

Image: Wikipedia Creative Commons

There you have it. The cheapest city in Europe is also one of it’s most beautiful. Think of your most luxurious Grecian holiday, then half the price, and you have Paphos. The days are relentlessly sunny and long, filled with fresh Mediterranean food and lounging about. *Kisses fingers*

(Lead image: Calo des Moro on Majorca, tommyleroux720 / Pixabay)

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