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The 10 Most Exciting And Underrated European Destinations In 2018

The 10 Most Exciting And Underrated European Destinations In 2018


Are you at the business end of planning your Euro summer getaway, but are hoping to leave the crowds behind and explore the unexplored? Well you’re in luck! Lonely Planet has just revealed its pick of the most exciting European destinations to visit this year.

Lonely Planet’s Best in Europe 2018 is compiled every year by its European experts, who handpick the most exciting and underrated spots to visit across the continent, focusing on the lesser-visited regions.


Emilia-Romagna, Italy nabbed the top spot this year as Europe’s number one destination. The area is often overlooked, with spots like Tuscany, The Veneto and Campania being the more popular options, but Emilia-Romagna is completely up-and-coming as Italy’s top spot for food and wine-lovers. We mean, it’s home to the birthplace of ragù, prosciutto and balsamic vinegar after all!

To find out more about the list and its top 10, visit the Lonely Planet website.

#1 Emilia-Romagna, Italy

#2 Cantabria, Spain

Image: Guillermo Sánchez

#3 Friesland, The Netherlands

Image: Gouwenaar

#4 Kosovo

Image: Dardan

#5 Provence, France

Image: Wikipedia Commons

#6 Dundee, Scotland

Image: Wikipedia Commons

#7 Small Cyclades, Greece

Image: Guillén Pérez/ Flickr

#8 Vilnius, Lithuania

Image: Mantas Volungevicius/ Flickr

#9 Vipava Valley, Slovenia

Image: Paul Asman and Jill Lenoble / Flickr

#10 Tirana, Albania

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(Lead image: Provence via Paolo Gamba / Flickr)

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