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Japan Is Getting A Hello Kitty Bullet Train

Japan Is Getting A Hello Kitty Bullet Train

Hello Kitty

Update: The Hello Kitty bullet train has now launched! Find out more and see pics on the train’s official site. Read on for details.

Since her creation in 1974, Japanese icon Hello Kitty has taken the world by storm, becoming household name in the process. Because the Hello Kitty brand is a complete obsession, one of Japan’s Bullet trains will soon be getting pretty-in-pink cartoon makeover.

West Japan Railway (JR West) has announced details of a new design for one of its Shinkansen trains, inspired by Hello Kitty’s famous bow.


“Furthering the revitalisation of the West Japan region, the 500 Series Shinkansen will be reborn as ‘Hello Kitty Shinkansen’ this summer,” according to a JR West press release. “Hello Kitty will take up the region of West Japan for a limited time and send charm together with the region.”


It’s not the first Kitty-inspired train service, either. Back in 2016, Taiwan, China’s Taroko Express train got a cartoon makeover in honour of the beloved character.

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The train will run on the Sanyo Line between Osaka and Fukuoka, with operations starting in late June and running throughout Japan’s summer.

(Lead image: JR West)

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