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Google’s Latest Street View Feature Is Out Of This World

Google’s Latest Street View Feature Is Out Of This World

Google’s Street View has been offering a 360-degree view of the world since 2007, and it seems that there aren’t too many places that are off-limits for exploration. From Uluru to some of the most beautiful national parks America has to offer, the tech-giant has explored almost every corner of the globe. But their latest Street View setting is out-of-this-world amazing.

In celebration of the 48th year since man first walked on the moon, Google has added the International Space Station to its long list of places to virtually visit via Google Maps. The corporation worked closely with NASA and ISS astronauts to capture all 15 of the ISS’s connected modules, which orbit 400m above the earth’s surface.

Inside the International Space station

The online excursion allows users live out their childhood dreams of becoming an astronaut. Google used DSLR camera technology in gravity-free conditions to capture the truly stunning images. They were then beamed back to earth via satellite, allowing audiences to tour through the vessel, peering through observational decks to the seemingly minuscule earth below.

Inside the International Space station

If this doesn’t suffice and you’d like to make your sci-fi dreams a reality, you’re in luck. NASA is hiring for a Planetary Protection position. For a cool $225,000, the lucky applicant will be in charge of preventing the extra-terrestrial contamination of samples retrieved from outer space. Good luck, live long and prosper.

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