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A Boeing Dreamliner Drew A Giant Self-Portrait Over The USA

A Boeing Dreamliner Drew A Giant Self-Portrait Over The USA

Boeing Dreamliner test flight

Planes are among the most technologically advanced machines on the planet, but did you know they have an artistic side? A new Boeing 787 Dreamliner, for example, was captured “drawing” its likeness in the sky over the USA over the weekend.

On its way to completing a mammoth 25,372km round trip from Seattle, Washington, the aircraft traversed airspace above 22 US states as part of an 18-hour Rolls Royce engine test conducted by Boeing. It was captured in real time by FlightAware and FlightRadar24.

“Rather than fly in random patterns, the test team got creative, flying a route that outlined a 787-8 in the skies over 22 states,” Boeing spokesman Doug Alder Jr told The Washington Post.

“The nose of the Dreamliner is pointing at the Puget Sound region, home to Boeing Commercial Airplanes. The wings stretch from northern Michigan near the Canadian border to southern Texas. The tail touches Huntsville, Alabama.”

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The Dreamliner will be tasked with completing some of the world’s longest flights in the coming years – including Qantas’ direct Perth-to-London service, which is on sale now and takes off in March 2018. In fact, the 17-hour, 46-minute test tops the world’s longest current route – Doha, Qatar, to Auckland, New Zealand – by almost two hours.

Looks like we’re going to be needing some pro tips for surviving long-haul flights.

(Lead image: FlightAware)

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