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Now You Can Explore Japan From A Dog’s Perspective Thanks To ‘Google Dog View’

Now You Can Explore Japan From A Dog’s Perspective Thanks To ‘Google Dog View’

Google Dog View

Look, Google’s Street View function is great. It’s captured everything from previously uncharted parts of South Africa’s national parks to one of Sir David Attenborough’s favourite natural phenomena. But if you’ve ever thought all it ever really needed was dogs, this one’s for you.

Googlers in Japan’s Akita prefecture recruited a few precious Akita Inus – Ako, Asuka and Pu – strapped on a couple of cameras, and set them free (well, they were on leashes, but you get the idea) to capture a dog’s-eye view of Odate City.

With their guidance, users can check out the hot-spring footbath at Otaki Onsen Tsuru, a pristine snow field and, most importantly, the Akita Dog Museum.

One of the most prominent sites is a bronze statue of Hachikō, a local dog famous for his remarkable loyalty (he waited for his owner at Shibuya train station for more than nine years after his death. I’m not crying, you are).

The addition of pointy ears and fluffy tails to the Street View frame is damn delightful.

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Head here for the full experience — you won’t be disappointed. Or check out the Akita Dog Museum for yourself below.


How To Get There

  • Fly into Narita International Airport (Tokyo)
  • Take the Narita-Airport Limousine Bus to Tokyo Station
  • Take the Tohoku Shinkansen line to Morioka Station
  • Take the high-speed bus to Odate
  • Odate, Akita Prefecture, Japan
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(Lead image: Google Japan)

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