These Instagrammable Golden Canola Fields In Regional NSW Have Taken Over The Internet

Forget sunflowers and lavender, the latest trend to hit travel TikTok (and Instagram, pick your medium) is the perfect shot amongst fields of canola in the New South Wales country town of Cowra. Well, if we’re getting technical, it’s the Canola Trail just outside of Cowra in Temora Shire.

Either way, people have been flocking for the ‘Gram from Sydney and Canberra to snap their shots amongst the yellow flowers — in fact, the usual 200 or so day-trippers Cowra receives over the October long weekend went up to 2,160.

No wonder either, I mean, just watch this slow mo happen. This, my friends, is basic bitch social media gold and I don’t mind admitting I also want one.

This left local tourism groups scrambling to keep up with the demand for their Canola Tours — so much so that they decided to release a self-drive guide for 2020, which you can find here. I hope I don’t have to say this, but please just remember not to trespass, no matter how cool the shot would be.

It’s not like these canola fields are new, but it’s this kind of small town tourism that’s getting a boost in 2020, now that international travel is (mostly) off the table until late next year.


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It’s the same reason that tourism to these 10 outback towns around the country has boomed since this time last year. Also why everyone is turning back to the good old road trip as the best method of getting around the country and exploring new places you usually just fly straight over with plane travel.

If you want to hit the road for a while but don’t have the gear, business like Camplify (basically Airbnb for campervans) are a good place to start. Or just glamp out your own car.

Happy flower hunting everyone.

(Lead Image: Instagram / @mookulika)

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