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Here Are The Best Kebab Shops In Surfers Paradise For Late-Night Food On Schoolies

Here Are The Best Kebab Shops In Surfers Paradise For Late-Night Food On Schoolies

Every now and then, we find ourselves knee-deep in the club, caring more about the kebab we’re gonna have on the way home than we do about the actual night itself. Post0-clubbing kebabs are an Aussie tradition developed way back in the medieval times; when Her Maj the Queen would get a mixed-meat HSP after chucking one too many nae-nae’s in the Banquet Hall.


Fast forward to 800 years later, kebab shops are everywhere, and are the first point of contact for 4am drunk people trying to soak up the night’s mistakes.

With Schoolies right around the corner, you’ll need to be prepped on which kebab shops in Surfers Paradise are worth your time, and which to avoid because they just ain’t it. Therefore, we’ve put together a list of the best kebab shops for Schoolies 2019, that’re sure to hit the spot no matter what.

Ozi Kebab

Forget sex, Ozi Kebab is where the real climax happens. This place knows drunk food, after all, their menu is greasier than Pauly D’s hair. Picture this; you’ve spilled out of SinCity at 3am, and the only thing you need to feel human again is a mixed-meat kebab with extra cheese. Well lucky for you, you can dawdle on down to Ozi Kebab’s, as they’re open until 6am four days out of the week! That’s definitely the gift that keeps on giving.

Where: 15 Cavil Avenue, Surfers Paradise

Baha’s Grill Kebab and Pizza


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If you’re looking for a big portion; Baha’s is the place for you. They’re thicccc with four Cs.

Let’s say you’ve had a huge night out, dancing away at The Bedroom Lounge. You’ve whipped, you’ve nae-nae’d, and now you’ve said left-right goodnight to the boiz. Well, turn yo ass 70m to the left and order the $10 snack pack from Baha’s, and we promise that with every bite will come innate pleasure.

Where: 38 Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise

Kebab Zone and Pizza

Honestly, we could skip clubbing and just spend the night at Kebab Zone. They’ve got everything you could ever dream of and then some. Kebab Zone is in the exact same complex as SinCity, so whether you’re on the way there, leaving, or just a craving a mid-boogie dance snack, head on in and demolish some killer eats.

If you’re feeling adventurous, we recommend the kebab burger or the toasted hot dog, as every little bit will matter when you’re trying to soak up the sins of the night.

Where: 24 Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise

Zaza Kebabs

We know what you’re thinking: “What if I’m still kickin on until 6am? Then what?”. Well guess what?! Zaza Kebabs is open 24 hours. That’s right, twenty-four glorious hours. You can have a Kebab for pres, dinner, midnight snack, and then of course; breakfast.

Zaza isn’t like your dad. Zaza will be there for you. Zaza will never let you down. And of course… Zaza is delicious!

Where: 19 Orchid Avenue, Surfers Paradise

Chevy Kebabs

If you’re staying at the Chevron then boy-oh-boy do we have a surprise for you. Located right at the base of your apartment building is your very own kebab shop. That’s right!

Does Mantra have a Kebab shop? Nope. Does Q1 have a Kebab shop? Double nope.

So if you and your mates have been day drinking by the pool, or even if Kristoff is looking a little green in the face after playing Kings Cup; take the elevator down to ground, and grab a heart breaking mixed Kebab for just $8.

Where: Chevron Renaissance Shopping Centre, G.47/3240

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Shiraz Moderna


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This would not have been a comprehensive list if we didn’t mention Shiraz Moderna. Located right at the heart of Cavil Avenue, this Persian spin on a Lebanese staple is every little bit satisfying as the real thing!

Everything you get is hot and fresh (like me), and their beef and chicken is marinated in-house for extra flavour! We know McDonalds is 100m down the road from here, but trust us, nothing will soak up a long night out like a Kebab or HSP from Shiraz Moderna.

Where: 210/8-10 Cavil Avenue, Surfers Paradise

Surfers Pizza & Kebab

Located inside the Surfers Paradise Shopping Centre, Surfers Pizza & Kebab is the gift that keeps on giving. They’ve got all the classics; Kebabs, HSP’s, Pizza, Fries… and what’s even better is that everything comes in huge portions!


This place will be your hidden secret after a long night, as it’s not directly out on the street. So if you’re just looking to chill, relax, and what to hide from that weird chick you got with who keeps following you around, then park inside, grab a table, and enjoy this 100% halal meal.

Where: SP006/8-10 Cavil Avenue, Surfers Paradise

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