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Go Back To The Future At LA’s Time Travel Mart

Go Back To The Future At LA’s Time Travel Mart

Much to our dismay after watching Marty ride a hoverboard in Back To The Future 2, time travel isn’t possible just yet. At least now though, you can purchase all the time travel merch your heart desires at LA’s Echo Park Time Travel Mart.

It’s pretty unbelievable that a price could be put on such quality items as Barbarian Repellent, Michael Jordan pogs and varying Robot Emotions, but alas, Echo Park has done it. At the store you can even buy a ‘pastport’ or a jar of ‘famous last words’.

Photo: Time Travel Mart

Fittingly, the quirky convenience store’s tagline is “WHENEVER YOU ARE, WE’RE ALREADY THEN”.

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Photo: Time Travel Mart

So if you’re interested in doing the time warp again, the store is located in the historic Echo Park neighbourhood of Los Angeles, California. The front part of the store, 826LA, even offers free creative writing tutorials so you can learn how to write the next best dystopian sci-fi novel. All proceeds from the store help support free tutoring programs at 826LA too, so you can feel pretty good about that.

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