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You Can Have A Premium Chrissie Lobster On The Table For Up To Half-Price This Year

You Can Have A Premium Chrissie Lobster On The Table For Up To Half-Price This Year

While the Australian Christmas has long taken on the traditions of England, the place many of us were shipped over from, we finally started to realise that it’s actually really bloody hot and maybe seafood would go better than a roast.

Of course, some seafood is cheaper to come buy than others, and those fancy-pants, high-end lobsters can be a bit of an extravagance.

Not this year. Well, at least, less so this year.

As a result of the *ahem* ‘not great’ political relations between Australia and China at the moment, and the later imposing an import ban on live Aussie lobsters, that means there’s suddenly a huge surplus left here. China accounted for a full 90 percent of lobster exports.

There are obviously many reasons this isn’t great, but today we’re here to talk about the one good side effect for our Chrissie lunches – the price of premium lobsters just went down.

“Just like all markets, supply and demand dictate price so there’s quite a bit of product available,” Erik Poole, supply and business development manager for Sydney Fish Market, told Broadsheet. “We’re not wanting to get too involved in the politics of it, but it’s more about helping our primary producers”.

If you head to your local fish market, you’ll find the lobsters going for about half the price of this time last year — think $30 to $50 per kilogram.

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Considering that it’s already been a hell of a year for the Australian seafood markets, with Covid related restaurant lockdowns, it seems like as good an excuse as ever to support local AND enjoy a decadent seafood feast at the same time.

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You’re welcome.

(Lead Image: Unsplash / David Todd McCarty)

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