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HBO Just Announced A ‘Game of Thrones’ Studio Tour To Take You To Westeros

HBO Just Announced A ‘Game of Thrones’ Studio Tour To Take You To Westeros

game of thrones studio tour northern ireland

Just because Game of Thrones is ending doesn’t mean we have to say goodbye to Westeros, thank the Seven Gods. A massive Game of Thrones Studio Tour is opening in Northern Ireland next year, so you can explore iconic locations from throughout the Seven Kingdoms in real life after we all stop crying when the final episode airs.

The Game of Thrones Studio Tour will open inside HBO’s Northern Ireland production studio – the place where most of the show’s most iconic sets were created and filmed. We’re talking the real-life Winterfell Castle, the Greyjoy’s Pyke, the Tully’s Riverrun and the Three-Eyed Raven’s cave just as they are in the show, waiting for you to come and explore them.


It’s an official HBO venture, so expect extravagant, fully-dressed sets from places like King’s Landing, Castle Black and Braavos as well as original props and costumes worn by the cast. It’ll even recreate a few sets that weren’t filmed in the studio. With so much legit Game of Thrones material inside the place where the show was filmed, the immersive tour will be the closest fans can come to reliving key moments from the show.

A set from The Game of Thrones Studio Tour
Image: HBO

It’ll be the biggest studio tour ever created, surpassing even the Warner Bros. Harry Potter Studio Tour in London. Sign us up and set a countdown timer – we can’t wait for this shining bastion of Game of Thrones goodness.

“Some of the most iconic scenes from Game of Thrones were filmed at Linen Mill Studios and our fans will soon have an opportunity to visit and see the work of the show’s incredible crew in the museum setting it deserves,” said Jeff Peters, vice president, licensing & retail, HBO.

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The Game of Thrones Studio Tour will open in Banbridge, Northern Ireland in 2020. While we wait, the Game of Thrones: The Touring Exhibition opens in April 2019 and shows off exclusive props, costumes and dragons.

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(Lead image: Game of Thrones / HBO)

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