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PIVOT! This Massive ‘Friends’ Pop-Up Recreates Rachel And Monica’s Apartment

PIVOT! This Massive ‘Friends’ Pop-Up Recreates Rachel And Monica’s Apartment

'Friends' Pop-Up In New York: Visit Central Perk & Monica's Apartment

Every now and then, a TV series so good, so quotable comes along and cements itself in our lives as a comfort show we binge when we’re feeling sad, or lazy, or happy, or or pre-drinking. And friends, Friends is one of those shows. And now you can step foot inside Rachel and Monica’s apartment for real, thanks to a Friends pop-up coming to New York City.

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the show’s premiere, the special pop-up will recreate iconic sets and moments from the show. You’ll get to walk through Rachel and Monica’s apartment, relax on Joey and Chandler’s recliner and visit Central Perk. And, yes, you can recreate Ross’ “PIVOT!” scene.


It’ll be the ultimate opportunity for Friends fans (and whomst among us isn’t?) to take photos in their favourite settings and live out the best jokes from the show. Where else to drop your favourite Phoebe Buffay quote than in the apartment where the icon herself did?

The pop-up opens on September 7 and runs until October 6. It’s all going down in Manhattan’s Soho district — hey, that’s where the show was set!

There isn’t a massive amount of detail announced yet, but it’s got all the ingredients for a once-in-a-lifetime immersive experience. The set recreations will be decked out in props and costumes, and there’ll be a massive selection of Friends merchandise waiting for any super-fan who wants to drop some cash.

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Tickets to the pop-up go on sale on August 3, and you’ll be able to get them from the event’s official website for US$29.50 (AU$43).

If you’re planning a New York adventure with your best friends to this event about a group of friends from a show called Friends, you won’t be lacking for things to do the rest of your visit. Try the city’s historic food trend, the Garbage Plate or eat at Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski’s restaurant The Village Den. And if you’ve got a crush on one of your travel buddies, you’re in luck! Paris is out, and New York is the world’s most romantic city.

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(Lead image: Friends /  Warner Bros. Television)

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