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Here’s How You Can Get Free Cheese Boards Delivered To Your Office Every Friday

Here’s How You Can Get Free Cheese Boards Delivered To Your Office Every Friday

Free Cheese: Get A Cheese Board Delivered To Your Office Every Friday

When Friday rolls around, all we want is to stop work early and snack on some wine and cheese. But if your office can’t put together a decent cheese board then 1) look for a new job and 2) order one of Cracker Barrel’s snack packs to get a free cheese board delivered to your office.

It’s all part of Snacktivism, a movement launched by the cheese makers to encourage more workplaces around Australia to introduce Friday snacks and give co-workers a chance to socialise.


Here’s how it works: if your office is in Sydney or Melbourne you can register online here. Cracker Barrel will be sending out free cheese boards to registered offices every Friday between November 29 and December 13.

You’ll get a lovely selection of cheese and crackers delivered to your office in a cute cardboard briefcase that folds out into a recyclable cheese board. Inside, there’ll be a big block of Cracker Barrel’s extra sharp cheese plus three cheddars infused with jalapeno, chilli and maple.


But Snacktivism is about more than just delivering delicious snacks to hard workers. Cracker Barrel commissioned a study that found that, while most of us are happier when we get Friday afternoon snacks, only 29 per cent of people work in offices that organise something for the occasion.

But despite that, only 29 per cent of people work in an office that organises Friday afternoon snacks.

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“The benefits of spending time with colleagues over snacks are often overlooked. It can drive stronger collaboration between teams and encourages employees to connect with other co- workers who you might not normally engage with on a daily basis,” said Dr Tim Sharp, the founder of The Happiness Institute.

Registrations for Snacktivism open on Monday, November 25 and cheese boards will be delivered until they run out, so get in quick!

(Lead image: Cracker Barrel / Facebook)

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