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Here’s How To Get $10 Movie Tickets This Week Only

Here’s How To Get $10 Movie Tickets This Week Only

Cheap Movie Tickets: Village Cinemas Is Selling $10 Tickets This Week

This year has been great for cinema, we’ve seen three of the Hollywood Chrises tear it up in Avengers: Endgame, watched Brad Pitt go to space and had our hearts torn out by Toy Story 4. But the best is yet to come, and your must-watch list is probably getting real long. Which is why Village Cinemas is a blessing right about now offering up cheap movie tickets.

The cinema chain is offering $10 tickets to any and all movies from today (!!!) until next Wednesday, November 27.


And when we say any and all, we mean it. That’s $10 to see J.Lo be a total queen in Hustlers, Kristen Stewart and Elizabeth Banks save the world in Charlie’s Angels and Emilia Clarke and Henry Golding in our next holiday obsession, Last Christmas.

Or go in for Stephen King’s Doctor Sleep, the anti-superhero Joker or to see Renee Zellweger transform into Judy Garland in Judy. You can also get cheap movie tickets to a special advance screening of Knives Out for — yep — 10 bucks.

Put the cash you save towards an extra-large bucket of popcorn. Get another cheap movie ticket with it. I dunno, you do you! Just letting you know, though, that you can often take wine into the cinema with you.


A movie ticket would normally set you back $23, meaning you have $13 to spend on extra popcorn and choc tops.

To get the cheap movie tickets, you’ll have to be a member of the Village Cinemas Vrewards membership program. Just login to your account before you buy your $10 ticket, or scan your membership card if you’re buying tickets in person. It’s free to sign to become a Vrewards member, and you’l also get discounted tix and snacks year-round.

Here’s the catch: Village Cinemas is really only A Thing in Melbourne. So unless you’re in Albury, NSW or a handful of places in Tasmania, you’ll still have to shell out full price to see your end-of-year flicks on the big screen.

But hey, if you’re in Melbourne you’ll be laughing all the way to the cinema (you can find your closest one here)! Or you can watch a film at Mov’In Bed outdoor cinema from the comfort of a plush queen bed. Otherwise, Sydney’s getting a Studio Ghibli movie festival in January 2020.

(Lead image: Hustlers / Gloria Sanchez Productions; STXfilms)

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