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PSA: Ben & Jerry’s Are Giving Away 6,000 Pints Of Ice Cream This Week

PSA: Ben & Jerry’s Are Giving Away 6,000 Pints Of Ice Cream This Week

It’s been a year, and I would say that all of us deserve free ice cream. We probably deserve a lot more, but let’s start with free ice cream.

Ben & Jerry’s is stepping up to the challenge by offering 6,000 free pints of their ice cream via UberEats across six different Aussie cities over the next six days.

So yes, you’ll still need to pay a delivery fee (got to pay those drivers, right), but still, basically free ice cream!

Those six cities will get a select day each to order their pint, starting with Melbourne today, December 1 — but there is a bit of a catch. You’ll need to keep an eye on the UberEats Instagram page for clues. When the ‘influencer ice cream van’ hits your city, work out the clues from the post to work out which influencer holds the code you need for your free ice cream. So basically it’s a cyber treasure hunt.


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For Melbourne, they’ve released one stupidly cryptic clue instead of having the van do the cluey work: “Rather than unmask the location of our first code, all we’ll reveal is that if you live in Victoria this person could be right next door”. I don’t know, maybe that means something to Melburnians.

I know, it’s annoying, but if free ice cream is worth it to you, you’ll be pleased to know we at least know which day your should keep an eye on Insta, based on your city. The full list of selected cities and the dates they’ll be able to claim free Ben & Jerry’s is:

Happy hunting, I hope you get your ice cream.

(Lead Image: Instagram / @benandjerrysoz)

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