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Festival Bucket List: Snowbombing, Austria

Festival Bucket List: Snowbombing, Austria

What: Snowbombing, a super fresh Austrian winter music festival.

Where: In the idyllic alpine setting of Mayrhofen, Austria.

When: Annually in April, next year’s dates are April 4 to 9, 2016.

Capacity: It’s a pretty exclusive festival, with only 5000 tickets being sold.


Fun fact: There’s a party here for everyone, from mountain top dance raves to sweaty shacks to groove in – there’s even a three day snowboarding and ski competition where pro athletes compete for the Snowbombing title. It’s pretty legit too, so expect to see the snow heavyweights battling it out in between musical sets and ice bar drinks.

Why should you go? Snowbombing bill themselves as “a festival filled with fresh air, blue skies, black runs and white-hot parties,” which to us, seems pretty self-explanatory. Not just for the snowboarding enthusiasts, this Austrian festival brings everyone together in a weekend full of cool tunes, rad parties and excellent locations.


(Images: Snowbombing/Facebook)

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