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Festival Bucket List: ATP Iceland

Festival Bucket List: ATP Iceland

(Photo: mightymightymatze/Flickr)

What: Iceland’s incarnation of the All Tomorrow’s Parties Festival, ATP Iceland offers eclectic lineups, insanely cool backdrops and a wicked location.

Where: Ásbrú (Former Nato Base), Keflavík, Iceland

When: 2, 3 & 4 July 2015

Capacity: 5000

(Photo: ATP Iceland/Facebook)

Fun Fact: Talk about a niche boutique festival, ATP Iceland takes place within a 70-year-old Nato base located 30 minutes from Iceland’s capital Reykjavík. The former Nato base dates back to 1941 and was home to over 200,000 US citizens in the half a century it was in operation. An exhibition chronicling the lives of those in duty can be seen during the festival.

Why should you go? With one of the most eclectic lineups, ATP Iceland is offering you Iggy Pop, Belle & Sebastian and Public Enemy on a silver platter, with visual art, cinema and poetry as a side dish. Nurse your hangover at the infamous Blue Lagoon, or take a ride into town and see what Reykjavík has to offer. This has to be one of the coolest and most unique festival experiences out there; the real question is why shouldn’t you go?

(Photo: ATP Iceland/Facebook)
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