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Feel The Force At Paris’s ‘Star Wars’ Cafe

Feel The Force At Paris’s ‘Star Wars’ Cafe

When you think of Paris, it’s easy to let imagery of impeccably dressed people and buckets of wine and cheese come to the front of your mind. Star Wars? Not so much. Until now.

Paris is home to a sneaky little creperie (some French cliches die hard) that’s a sci-fi lover’s dream. Odyssey – which is located in the very hip Latin Quarter, not far form the Notre Dame – has a decked out interior, themed dishes, and memorabilia to boot, all in homage to the Star Wars movie franchise.


The restaurant proper is decorated to look like the Death Star, with with black interiors, spacey vibes and a Darth Vader figure in tow. The menu has even been translated into Aurebesh, the alphabet used to write Galactic Basic.  Some names of the sweet and savoury crepes include Naboo, Rylos and Mongo.

While its primarily an ode to Star Wars, some of the dishes on the menu sneak in some other sci-fi references with crepes called Caprica (Battlestar Galatica) Gallifrey (Doctor Who), and Vulcan (Star Trek).

Check out a little video tour of Odyssey below.

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If you like your crepes with a side of futurism, it might be time to head to Paris.

Check out Odyssey’s website here for more nerdy goodness.

(Lead image: Odyssey/Facebook)

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