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Ever Dreamed Of Riding Falkor From ‘The NeverEnding Story’?

Ever Dreamed Of Riding Falkor From ‘The NeverEnding Story’?

1984 was a pretty great year – the one dollar coin was introduced in Australia, Frankie Goes To Hollywood told the world to ‘Relax’ and, most importantly, it was the year The NeverEnding Story came out.


While this iconic ’80s film was pretty much a nonstop ride to crazytown (seriously – it’s bloody weird), it was simultaneously the coolest, most enchanting thing to ever hit our screens. There was a fantasy world called Fantasia, medalians, gnomes, princesses, “swamps of sadness” and a luckdragon called Falkor – it was every kid’s dream.

This roller coaster of a movie was a permanent fixture in many households, and looking back on the film later in life is surely something everyone should experience at least once (you’ll still be traumatised when Atreyu’s horse died – I know I was).


Fun trivia – did you know the majority of the movie was actually filmed in Germany? At the time, NeverEnding Story was the country’s highest-budgeted film and it’s currently one of the biggest attractions at Bavaria Filmstadt, a Universal Studios-like theme park/studio/place where dreams come true.

At Bavaria, punters are able to ride the luckdragon Falkor. Get your camera ready – you’re going to want to remember the moment your life-long dream came true.

As well as patting Falkor, visitors will be able to see a plethora of props used in the iconic film, including the snail (also rideable) and one of the giant trolls.

(Photo: Eric C. Späte/Flickr)

Morla the giant turtle is also hanging around, but she’s mysteriously hard to photograph.

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Bavaria Filmstadt is located in Munich, Germany. Pop this one down on the bucket list.

(h/t Dangerous Minds)

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