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Europe’s Coolest New Street Art Will Be Painted By Drones

Europe’s Coolest New Street Art Will Be Painted By Drones

It seems that drones are revolutionising everything these days. Our methods of photographing, delivering and now, creating art have all been impacted by the tiny, flying robot. Come this European summer, drones will be whirring their way to Berlin and Turin to make each city more beautiful.

The concept of ‘Paint by Drone’ was imagined by international design office Carlo Ratti Associati. The drones are fitted out with paint similar to what you’d find in a printer — cyan, magenta, yellow and key — and follow the instructions of a pre-drawn artwork on a device. Depending on the space, the artwork itself will be provided by the public or commissioned by a curator.

drone painting
Photo: Carlo Ratti Associati/Facebook

For now, only Berlin and Turin are slated to enjoy the ‘Paint by Drone’ street art, but the creators are hoping to expand to more places across Europe.

Founder of the office, Carlo Ratti, says: “Our cities are filled with blank vertical surfaces, either permanent or temporary. Scaffold sheeting, for instance, has great potential, but in fact it is mostly used in bland ways – left empty or employed for advertising. With Paint by Drone we would like to unleash the potential of ‘phygital graffiti’.”

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An imagining of Paint by Drone’s usability. Photo: Carlo Ratti Associati

With the concept of “phygital graffit”, Ratti hopes to turn all public spaces into works of art that can be enjoyed and contributed to by the local community in real time. It also doesn’t require much effort or time, as the drones are swift and able to reach high places.

Transforming public places into beautiful works of art is our jam. We can’t wait to watch this project unfold.

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