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Cats Are Finally Getting The Dedicated Museum They Deserve

Cats Are Finally Getting The Dedicated Museum They Deserve

We love them, we hug them and we long to know what they’re thinking. Cats have taken up a huge part of our private lives for a very large chunk of human history. Finally, North Carolina has taken it upon itself to tell the important story of the humble house cat throughout the ages.

Tracing the long history of the house cat, from Ancient Egyptian royalty to modern Internet heroes, is essential work. North Carolina’s American Museum Of The House Cat is immortalising the beloved pet by displaying exhibitions of its place in the past and present.

Photo: American Museum Of The House Cat

The museum will display a huge private collection of cat paintings, figurines and advertising posters from the 1800s. You can also find a series of photographs that show celebrities posing with their pet cats. Most strangely, there’ll also be a real-life petrified cat that had been rescued from a chimney in the 1600s. Strange, but seriously interesting.

The museum is part of the Catman2 Shelter which is home to over 80 homeless cats. Of course, after you’ve finished strolling through the museum, it won’t hurt to go and visit the cute little kittens.

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Kittyyyyyyyy <3

The collection of cat memorabilia is almost entirely owned by Dr. Harold Sims, who opened up the museum and shelter after he retired from his job as a biology professor. Thanks, Harold.

You can visit the Museum of the American House Cat every day except Mondays. Entries are by donation to the shelter. Find out more information here.

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