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Yessss: An Iconic Bar Is Hosting An Espresso Martini Festival With $10 Cocktails

Yessss: An Iconic Bar Is Hosting An Espresso Martini Festival With $10 Cocktails

Espresso Martinis

In what’s either a genius idea or a terrible idea, Oxford Art Factory in Sydney is throwing an Espresso Martini Festival. The last time I had a night out on espresso martinis was… Actually I don’t remember. That’s just the effect these demon cocktails have on me, and when I have one, you can bet I will be having another.


The Espresso Martini Festival will happen on Friday February 7 from 5pm, and the cause? “Celebrating one of the best humble cocktails of all time.” (“Humble”… do they even know her?)


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There will be three special espresso martinis on the menu, all going for a respectable tenner each: the classic espresso martini, the Golden Gaytime martini, and the double choc chip martini. Because what every espresso martini needs is more sugar.

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The soundtrack to your evening will be a range of tunes from No Scrubs DJs, mixing a soundtrack of the ’90s and noughties, including Backstreet Boys, Spice Girls, Britney Spears, Destiny’s Child, S Club 7, some Cher for good measure and more, so you can bet that you’ll be hitting the dance floor once you’ve downed your first few dumb bitch juices.


Tickets are on sale now for less than $12, so why not head on down and celebrate the end of (most of) Sydney’s lockout laws?

While you’re planning your social life out and about in Sydney, here’s more to consider: a Nutella high tea in Sydney Tower Eye, a fairy bread burger that looks a bit like unicorn roadkill, and a festival for momos – a style of dumpling originating in Nepal, India and Tibet. Oh! And a bottomless tacos and margaritas deal (featuring the other deadly drink… tequila).

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