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‘Earlymoons’ Are A Thing Now, And They’re Just One More Excuse To Travel

‘Earlymoons’ Are A Thing Now, And They’re Just One More Excuse To Travel

They say your wedding day will be the happiest day of your life. But if you add in a honeymoon, and the new ‘earlymoon’ trend of travelling before you tie the not, it feels more like the happiest couple months of your life.

According to Conde Nast Traveler, the ‘earlymoon’, as in, going on a holiday before, not after, a wedding, it growing in popularity. To be honest, we’re totally here for it.


The trend really kicked off when news surfaced of Pippa Middleton escaping to the very lush island of St Bart’s, just before her wedding day a few months ago. Articles, like this one, began appearing soon after, encouraging regular people (see: not celebrities) to go and do the same.

“Wedding planning can be incredibly stressful, it’s like having an extra job,” luxury wedding planner Sarah Haywood told the Telegraph. “So it’s a really good idea, maybe six weeks or a couple of months before the wedding, just to go away for four or five days.”

We don’t need to be told twice. Any excuse to travel — whether it’s pre-wedding, pre-engagement or, hell, pre-break-up — is good enough for us.


So with your wedding weeks away and a tight budget to adhere to, where are the best places to enjoy an earlymoon?

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The getaway doesn’t necessarily have to be big; it’s the unplugging from the stress that’s important. Author of How To Be Married, Jo Piazza, told Conde Nast, “You don’t even need to spend much money. Just get out of town and go camping or book a hotel in the city you live. Whatever it is, I think it is important to take yourself out of the pre-wedding madness.”

You could go for a weekend getaway or fly somewhere warm like Pippa Middleton. The world is your oyster, and you deserve a pre-wedding break before the stress of the big day.

Happy earlymoon, couples!

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