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Sydney Has A New Out-Of-This-World Bakery That Makes An Outer Space-Themed Cake

Sydney Has A New Out-Of-This-World Bakery That Makes An Outer Space-Themed Cake

dulcet cakes and sweets

Baked goods are already earth-shatteringly good by nature of being sugar-filled pastries, but Sydney‘s new boutique patisserie is shooting past earth all together. Dulcet Cakes and Sweets makes next-level treats including, and I cannot stress this enough, an outer space–themed galaxy cake.

The Galaxy Chocolate Mousse cake is a beautiful monster of a sweet treat – three layers of dark chocolate mousse, raspberry sour cherry confit and jasmine mousse are covered with an outer space–themed edible painting of the solar system. This thing’s got stars, it’s got the sun, it’s got a galaxy. It’s got to let me demolish it ASAP.


It normally comes in a single serve size, but you can get it as a full-sized cake (which can also be a single serve size, let’s be real).

dulcet cakes and sweets

If you don’t need to fulfil a childhood dream to be an astronaut, Dulcet Cakes and Sweets has you covered with their other treats. The Popcorn and Snickers bar has layers of dark chocolate mud cake and peanut mousse and nougat covered in chocolate, peanuts and pretzels.


Dare we say it, but their signature cake is an even more impressive sight than their galaxy cake. Honest to god, no joke, hand on my heart, they make a 20-layer Chocolate Mille Crepes cake. It’s actually irresponsible of them to give us so many options (but we love it, please don’t ever stop).

And then there are the cakes that don’t even look like cakes. Try a hamburger made with Earl Grey mousse buns, a chocolate patty, mango jelly cheese and matcha cream lettuce, and the dumplings here are actually yoghurt mousse and black stick rice.


Anyone already familiar with the original Dulcet store in Burwood will know how amazing these sweet treats look and taste, and now people in the CBD can get their hands on a cheeky midday, after-work or weekend dessert from the new store in Haymarket, inside the Prince Centre on Quay Street.

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(Images: Dulcet Cakes and Sweets)

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