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9 Signs Your Dreams Are Telling You To Book A Holiday, According To A Dream Therapist

9 Signs Your Dreams Are Telling You To Book A Holiday, According To A Dream Therapist

I rarely remember a dream, but when I do it’s usually a Star Wars-themed nightmare — yeah, I don’t know either. The idea that what we dream about has a deeper meaning might be a long-debated topic, but it’s not just believed among the astrology crowd, the debate is rooted in science.

It’s not totally out there to believe that when your subconscious takes over, it shows you in dream form what you’re really thinking. And, according to qualified Dream Therapist Martina Kocian, there are many things in your dreams that might be telling you it’s time for a holiday.

Working with Tourism New Zealand, keepers of pretty much all the best adventures and/or luxe getaways (and the only international destination we can get to right now), Kocian has discussed nine dream themes that might mean you really need to book yourself a vacay.

#1 Pirates

According to Kocian, pirates are rebellious, unruly and reckless — therefore when they show up in your dreams they symbolise freedom and breaking the rules. Their appearance is a push to assess where you might need to take some risks in life, or if you’re in need of a new adventure.

#2 Exotic Fruit

If exotic fruits are plaguing your dreams, Kocian says they’re symbolising a need or desire for something new, different or unusual. Time to be a bit more adventurous and head outside your comfort zone.

#3 Hot Air Balloon

If you keep dreaming of soaring in a hot air balloon, looking down on the earth below, Kocian suggests you’re expressing “a desire to rise above the mundane experiences of everyday life, to get away from the daily grind and detach from worldly responsibilities”. Maybe it’s time to try a real hot air balloon?

#4 Flying Bird

Flying birds can take off on a whim, escaping life at ground level. In dreams, they represent “a sense of freedom, liberation and rising above it all”, according to Kocian, and “can signify a longing to travel or to take flight and see new pastures”.

#5 A Goldfish Swimming In A Bowl

This one isn’t too hard to work out, seeing as it’s used as a metaphor for boredom and repetition even in real life. In a dream, it’s showing you “that life may have become stagnant, bringing a significant call to break out of your routine, get creative and be more adventurous” says Kocian.

#6 Juggling And Dropping A Ball

As you may have guessed, in a dream this indicates that you’re taking on too much in your waking life, and dropping the ball can “be an indication of struggling to keep up or maintain momentum”. According to this recent survey, people feel way less stressed and over-worked after a vacay. So go on, get out of here.

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#7 Losing Your Voice

Honestly, the most terrifying of dreams. Kocian says if you can’t “scream, talk or shout in a dream it represents a feeling of not being heard in waking life or, conversely, a sign of needing to listen more as your voice is muted”. Get in touch with yourself again on a nice little retreat.

#8 Stopwatch

If you’re feeling pressured, or like you’re working against the clock, it’s likely a stopwatch will start entering your dreams. Kocian suggests it’s a “signifier that life has become too fast-paced with limited time to achieve what is required or expected of you”. Time to slow it down, baby.

#9 Desert

No, you’re not in drought. According to Kocian, dreaming of being alone in a desert can actually “signify a need or desire for solitude and connecting deeply beneath the seemingly isolated surface to explore your expansive inner world”. It’s a sign from your subconscious that you desperately need a little solo R&R.

I mean let’s be honest, even if you haven’t dreamt of any of these things, it’s still probably time for a holiday.

(Lead image: Unsplash / Moon)

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