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Walt Disney World Has A Secret Nachos Challenge For Mexican Food Afficionados

Walt Disney World Has A Secret Nachos Challenge For Mexican Food Afficionados

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn, Walt Disney World

If you’ve been to a Disney park lately, you’ll likely have enjoyed the many and varied Mickey-shaped food options on offer. But unless you’re a real insider, it’s likely you missed one of its best menu items.

Yep, Walt Disney World has gifted us a delicious little easter egg in the form of a top-secret nachos challenge. It recently showed up on the menu of one of the park’s Frontierland restaurants, and requires a secret code to order.

Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn is a wild west-style restaurant serving all kinds of Mexican food, burgers and fries, and a whopping plate of nachos. Two kilograms of nachos, to be precise.

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If you get to Pecos Bill’s between the hours of 3pm and 6pm, ask one of the staff members for “the secret nachos”. What follows is a whole lot of frivolity (literally staff members yelling “NACHOS” very loudly), and a grandiose presentation of the huge plate on an old-timey trolley.

The Disney Food Blog documented all the adorable action below.

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The plate serves six to eight people, so it’s best you bring some friends along to help you out (and split the $115, or USD$90, bill). When you polish it all off, you get a Sherriff’s badge and a certificate of completion. Because you did a good thing, nacho warrior!


Correction: An earlier version of this article stated the secret nachos were available at Disneyland, not Walt Disney World.

(Lead image: introverteddisney / Instagram)

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