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‘Hamburger Straws’ Are Japan’s Newest Fast-Food Fad

‘Hamburger Straws’ Are Japan’s Newest Fast-Food Fad

From whole BBQ chooks to slabs of cake dripping in chocolate topping, balancing foodstuffs atop an equally delicious beverage has become something of a phenomenon.

In Japan, piercing McDonalds burgers with straws and balancing them atop the fizzy drinks available in-store is apparently all the rage. According to Kotaku, the meme has been dubbed hanbaagaa x dorinku (“drink x hamburger”) or hanbaagaa sutotoo (“hamburger straw”).

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It’s reportedly inspired by an earlier trend that saw incredibly photogenic donuts perched atop all manner of sweet and caffeinated drinks.

Appearing on several Japanese blogs, one variation on the trend incorporates the McDonald’s breakfast menu (which is obviously the superior menu). We’re lovin’ it.

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