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Creed From ‘The Office’ Kicks Off His Aus Tour This Week & That’s Really, Really Good Timing

Creed From ‘The Office’ Kicks Off His Aus Tour This Week & That’s Really, Really Good Timing

Creed Bratton From 'The Office' Is Touring Australia In 2020

Creed is the best character on The Office, and that’s just science. In an extremely Creed move, the man behind the loveable weirdo is touring Australia with a variety show.

Actor and musician Creed Bratton played a fictionalised and OTT version of himself on the US version of the show, and now he’s bringing that same brand of unhinged talent to Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra and Fremantle.

The tour kicks off in Melbourne this Friday, February 14. Yep, this might be your only chance to spend Valentine’s Day with the one-time regional manager of Dunder Mifflin.

The variety show will include live music, stand up comedy and never-before-told stories from both his personal life and his time on The Office. Who knows, maybe we’ll finally find out why Creed needed three office chairs. It looks like it’ll be a perfect storm of the real Creed’s genuine talent and the fictional Creed’s unfettered madness.


As for the former, the real Creed was the lead guitarist for the band The Grass Roots until 1969 and has led a successful solo career since he left the band. He’ll be playing some of those songs at the live show, as well as sharing some wild stories from his longstanding career that need to be heard first-hand to be believed.

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As for the latter, Creed in The Office is Dunder Mifflin’s scuba-obsessed quality assurance director, the one-time regional manager, and an ex-cult leader who has almost definitely murdered someone and stolen their identity.

Tickets to the Sydney, Queensland and Canberra shows are still available here.

Check out the full tour dates here:

  • The Corner, Melbourne — February 14
  • The Factory Theatre, Sydney — February 15
  • The Triffid, Brisbane — February 16
  • The Basement, Canberra — February 18
  • Freo Social, Fremantle — February 19

(Lead image: The Office / NBC)

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