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You Can Now Go On A Cruise Without Leaving Port

You Can Now Go On A Cruise Without Leaving Port

Yikes! How did that happen!?

(Photo: Caspian blue/Wikimedia Commons)

Don’t stress, this isn’t some cruise ship beached on a shore – this luxury cruise liner has deliberately dropped anchor on dry land to create the world’s first “on-land cruise-themed resort”. Seriously.


The Sun Cruise Resort in Jeongdongjin in South Korea gives visitors all the benefits of staying on a luxe cruise ship, but without actually… cruising. Designed to look like a marooned ship teetering off the edge of a cliff, this unconventional accommodation option offers guests stunning views of the East Sea as well as everything a cruise ship ought to have – six restaurants, six function rooms, 211 guest cabins, a rooftop bar and even a saltwater pool.


Set on a huge property, guests also have access to a private beach, surrounding national parks and a sailboat – for the brave folk who’d like to trial a bit of traditional on-water cruising.


Possibly the best part of this whole experience is that it’s kind of perfect for people who suffer from motion sickness and have long vowed to never set foot on a wobbly water raft again. This way you can get all the fixings of a cruise ship holiday, but without getting seasick. Be warned though – the rooftop bar rotates, so if you also happen to get particularly dizzy, you might want to give it a miss and stay safe on the solid (non-spinning) ground.


The ship’s location offers great panoramic views of the ocean and they even play the sound of crashing waves and bird calls through the hotel’s speakers just to make it sound like you’re cruising oceans while you sleep. There’s a 99% chance you’ll forget you’re still moored on solid ground.

(Images: Sun Cruise)

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