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Travel Hack Of The Day: The Best Way To Travel With Your Wine Bottles

Travel Hack Of The Day: The Best Way To Travel With Your Wine Bottles

Found the perfect vino to accompany your weekly wine and cheese night? Great! But you’re in the south of France? Firstly, good on you. Secondly, how on earth are you going to get this delicate glass bottle home without it accidentally smashing mid-flight?

You could ship it home to Oz, but that can be ridiculously expensive once you consider all the fees and taxes that go with international freight. You could decide against buying that beautiful red from Bordeaux – but come on, if you’re in wine country, this is really the only appropriate souvenir. So what are your options?

You could precariously wrap it in about a million jumpers and pants and plant it right in the middle of your overpacked suitcase, but why all the stress? We’ve found the best option for all globetrotting winos who’d like their expensive wines arriving home safe and sound – the VinGarde Valise.


This nifty suitcase is the solution to the age-old dilemma – how do you travel safely and securely with your wine? Well, the answer is foam – high-density, temperature-regulating foam at that. This will surely protect your bottles from those bumpy rides across the tarmac and some overly excited baggage handlers.

There’s even a spot for your glasses! Genius!

And if you’re only taking one bottle home, the foam can easily be removed to make room for your shoes, clothes and all the other souvenirs you’ve picked up. It’s the perfect addition to a trip to wine country or that wine barrel hotel in the Netherlands. Cheers to that.


(Images: VinGarde Valise)

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