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A Sunshine Coast Bakery Is Slinging Coffee-Filled Doughnuts

A Sunshine Coast Bakery Is Slinging Coffee-Filled Doughnuts

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How do you take your coffee? Black, with sugar, or poured straight into a delicious cinnamon doughnut? Kenilworth Bakery on the Sunshine Coast has brought the coffee doughnut to Australia and honestly, we couldn’t be more on board with the move.

Located 50km inland from Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, Kenilworth is a small dairy-farming town of around 600 people, but the town’s Instagram famous bakery has certainly put it on the map, with foodies flocking from all over to check it out for themselves.


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Kenilworth Bakery is most famous for its monstrous one kilo doughnut challenge, but it’s its latest creation that is turning heads.

The coffee doughnut features a cinnamon doughnut with a hollow middle lined with gooey Nutella and filled with a single shot of coffee. Understandably, the doughnut doesn’t hold a whole lot of volume, so a big, frothy cappuccino is probably off the cards.

If you’re not after a coffee fix, no problem, there are other doughnut creations on offer at the bakery, like the mouthwatering hot chocolate peanut butter doughnut cup.

A coffee doughnut at Kenilworth Bakery will set you back $8. They only make a set amount per day, and it works on a first-come, first-served basis, so get in early before they run out. As they say, the early bird gets the delicious coffee-filled doughnut.

(Lead image: Kenilworth Bakery / Facebook)

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