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This Interactive Cheese Map Shows The Most Popular Cheese In Europe

This Interactive Cheese Map Shows The Most Popular Cheese In Europe

cheese map

Cheese is the greatest food to ever grace the earth’s surface – facts are facts. And whether you enjoy yours paired with a nice glass of red, or shredded and straight out of the bag as a midnight snack, there’s no argument that the most premium cheeses come straight out of Europe. And there’s now a cheese map to help make all your European cheese dreams come true.

cheese map
Image: Robert Couse-Baker / Flickr

Seriously though, eating cheese in Europe is like a continent-wide sport. And if you’re travelling Europe and looking for the most fab fromage, the cheese map is the perfect point of reference.


The map was created by Tasteatlas, a digital project dedicated to promoting local ingredients, traditional recipes, and authentic restaurants around the world. Basically, it showcases all of Europe’s most popular cheeses by country – something sure to cause a stir among cheese aficionados.

cheese map
Image: Tasteatlas

Check out the interactive map on the Tasteatlas website, where you can search by country, cheese type, or just scroll around and discover some new varieties while drooling all over your screen.

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And if anyone plans on eating their way through Europe by knocking off all the entries on the cheese map one by one, and needs a helping hand, please let us know. We are so there.

(Lead image: Tasteatlas)

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