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Best Job Ever Alert: Sydney Is Seeking A ‘Cheese Judge’

Best Job Ever Alert: Sydney Is Seeking A ‘Cheese Judge’

If hours spent thinking about, purchasing, and eating cheese equates to a level of expertise, we know a few people who might be qualified enough to consider applying for this literal dream job.

Yes, it’s a cheese dream, but this one’s actually real. For the first time in the history of this fair country, the Australian Grand Dairy Awards is inviting you behind the scenes to try the country’s best fromages at an intimate cheese judging affair. You’ll be asked to choose the best Aussie cheese from the 27 finalists on offer and give your thoughts through mouthfuls of deliciousness.


On November 22, you’ll taste, test and judge your way through the country’s top cheeses, which sounds super hard and like a total drag, so don’t tell any of your friends, okay? The event will take place at The Grounds of Alexandria in Sydney’s inner east.

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There are only a limited number of positions available so register your interest for you and a friend to attend ASAP. Successful applicants will be selected by ballot and notified via email on Friday November 18, or what will now known as the best day of the year. Very gouda. Grate, even.

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