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The Mayor Of This Italian Village Will Pay You To Become A Local

The Mayor Of This Italian Village Will Pay You To Become A Local

Considering a European escape? What if we said you could move to an idyllic Italian village — and get paid for your troubles.

Well, pack your bags, because this is legit.

According to CNN, the mayor of Candela, a quaint medieval town in Puglia, Italy, wants to breathe some life back into the city, bringing back the good ol’ days when bustling streets were filled with thousands of residents.

“Up until the 1960s, travellers called it Nap’licche (“Little Naples”), for its streets full of wayfarers, tourists, merchants and screaming vendors,” Nicola Gatta, mayor of Candela, told the publication.

The village boasts the best of Italy: picturesque rolling hills, forests, original terrace homes and architectural marvels. Oh, and the food — the region is rich with culinary delights like homemade olive oil, cheeses, and sausages.

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If you’re still not sold, the publication reports the town is super safe, having not seen a single crime in more than 20 years.

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Ready to leave? Singles moving to the town will score $1200 (€800); couples around $2400 (€1600); while those with families will receive up to $3000 (€2000).

See you at the cheese shop.

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