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Grab Your Gold Coins, NSW And ACT Are Finally Bringing Back The Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

Grab Your Gold Coins, NSW And ACT Are Finally Bringing Back The Bunnings Sausage Sizzle

It’s a scientific fact that with every year you age, your appreciation for the home and garden haven that is Bunnings grows.

I mean, they let you exchange dead plants, which is essential for all my fellow not-so-great-but-trying-hard plant parents out there. They have all the home DIY stuff you could ever need, which was particularly sanity-saving this year, AND they have the Saturday morning sausage sizzle — possibly one of the greatest and most important Aussie traditions.

This last one we lost for a while there, just one of the many things COVID-19 took away from us. While many states and territories got their snags back in July, Sydney has been waiting patiently.

Well, mates, the time has come.

From Saturday October 3,  the ACT will be getting their sweet sweet sausage sizzles back, with NSW following suit from October 10. Bunnings Chief Operating Officer Deb Poole confirmed the news on Ben Fordham Live this morning.

“It just means so much to so many people because it supports a lot of community causes and raises a lot of funds with community groups,” she said on the show.

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“We’ve got 130 community groups lined up for the first weekend in NSW alone and they include Rotary, the Salvos, Scouts and the Lions Club and also a lot of the local sports groups as well”.

She also confirmed there would be added safety measures — you know, because pandemic — so expect your sausages with a side of social distancing.

“From around 9am, you should come down and support your local community groups and buy yourself a wonderful sausage.”

You heard the woman, go get your grub.

(Lead Image: Twitter / @BenFordhamLive)

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